Dual USB Harddrive Always set to Master??

Apr 30, 2007
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ibook g3 500mhz 128mb 10gb
How to change the HDD from Master to Slave??

I'm trying to upgrade my dual USB G3 ibook's cd-rom. I bought a combo sony CRX820E, but couldn't get the drive to load any CD. It makes a noise and starts to spin, but suddenly stops.
After some research, I found that a lot of combo drives are hardset to master, which conflicts with the ibook's HDD which is set to master from the manufacturer. However, when I went to change the jumpers on the HDD it appeared to already be set to slave.
Since I'm not very apt at reading these sorts of things I've attached a diagram of both the HDD and the cable settings.


The bottom image represents the currents settings on the cable where the harddrive inserts. The red dots indicate the holes in the cable which have been blocked off. So the two right side pins of the HDD (A & B) are not inserted into the cable connector part, they sit on the outside.
Can anyone tell me is this setup as a slave or master?

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