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Dual 1ghz G4 desktop with 23" Cinema HD Display



Power Mac G4 1.0 GHz Dual, SuperDrive DVD-R, CD-RW (Mirrored Drive Doors) with 23" Apple Cinema HD Display and all original Apple software. It comes with 512mb upgraded memory.

Technical Specifications:

- Dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4
- Bus speed 167 MHz
- 266 (x2 processors) L2
- 1MB (x2) L3
- DDR SDRAM (PC 2700) 512 MB up to 2GB
- Super Drive: DVD-R, CD-RW (bay for second CD/DVD drive; 2x DVD-R write)
- Two FireWire 400 ports
- ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 64 MB of DDR SDRAM; ADC and DVI (dual display capable)
- One AGP and four PCI slots
- 80 GB IBM Hard Drive Ultra ATA/100 (7200 rpm)
- Line-in sound
- Built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, AirPort ready, 56k Modem (v.92)
- Apple mouse and keyboard with two usb ports

Info about the computer can be found at: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=75343
I'd like to get around $3,000 for it. OBO.

ps: shipping will be extra. Thanks.


Good luck....that's asking a lot for a computer a couple of generations old, even considering the monitor.


Yeah I'm not really sure about the price. Maybe I should ask only about $2500 OBO? How does that sound?




The monitor goes for $2000 now, and that G4 is like $900...Unless he's talking about the CRT, not the LCD


Well the monitor was sold, so now I'm left with the tower and the sound system ( yeah I forgot to list that) - I'd really like to sell it asap, so that I can make a downpayment on the laptop.

Anyone? I'm thinking maybe $1100 for tower + sound system?

Let me know.


Is this system still for sale? And where are you located?

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