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I've been running into this problem a bit too often and i need some help. When I click on certain download links for mp3's and videos, explorer opens the file along with a new blank window. When I click "download link to disk" all I get is a "download.php" flie a few K in size. Is there any way to save these files with explorer? Should I change browsers? I'm dumb so any help would be appreciated.


Well I blame that on explorer, simply fact I have no problems with any files. I just switched to Apple not to long ago on Windows I used Netscape I have always hated explorer never will use it. I suggest Safari, Mozilla, or Camino if I was you. I hope them are legal mp3's. ;)
Oct 27, 2002
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Where are you trying to download?

Some places use a download.php type of file to actually set and choose a download mirror for you, which would be why you are only getting the .php file. For instance, if you go to sourceforge.com and you click on a mirror to download, it will bring you to ANOTHER page that actually has the download link that you can right-click/save. Otherwise it just starts the download for you.

It's kinda hard to explain, but this is actually the intended purpose :) Prevents leaching and hotlinking. There are of course ways around it, but that would be a whole class on php, and how HTML works.

Hope this helps a little. I know it doesn't solve your problem. If you can give an example link, I could probably do a step-by-step on how to actually get it to be right-click/save-able...


I know that the download.php is usually a redirect, but with explorer it does not take me to a download link nor does download manager start. I have tried netscape and it downloads fine when the link target is saved to a disk except the file is named "download.php". It just has to be renamed. Thanks for the help.


I use iGetter as my download program/accelerator. It works really well and has a speed limit if its working _too_ well *cough* speed downloader *cough*
Best of all, when you encounter the whole .php problem, it just goes that one step further and works out what the .php file was linking too. I see it happening heaps, ill download a video and itll come up in iGetter as getfile.php, then it will change to a .mpeg file and will have the name for the video file in the list.
Its shitty coz it asks you to wait for 12 seconds every time you open it unless you buy it. Other than that, it doesnt beg you to buy it and as long as you just keep it going all the time you wont ever have to see the startup window. You get used to it i suppose.
Also, i think there's some hidden little setting that allows you to tell your browser which extensions to play when you click them and which extensions to just download. Dont ask me HOW, but look into it, im sure its there - and if it isnt it should be :p


I actually had some problems with running firebird on my mac.....when ever I type in a search field or anything....it would delay type. As soon as I moved to safari, the problem was gone.

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