Doubts about external hardware before switching



Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I'm completely mesmerized about Macs, I have played with some of them for a few months now but now I think I'm getting an eMac 1.25Ghz.

Anyway, I have a little question here before I start selling my current PC hardware.

I have an external 80Gig HD and an external Pioneer DVR-05 DVD burner, they both work with USB2.0. Both I use with Windows. Will they work with the eMac I want to buy? Will I have to reformat the HD? Will I have to download new firmware for my burner? Am I better off selling the external DVD burner and getting an internal Superdrive ($200 more)?

Thanks everyone in advance

By the way... I also have an 3g iPod I've been using with my PC. Will I have to reformat it (and erase everything it has) once I switch to Mac?


You shouldn't need any drivers for either and you should not have to format the HD. However, if you can, I'd recommend formatting.

I have a lite-on external DVD burner that works perfectly with my iBook. Didn't need any special drivers or firmware.

Hope this helps and welcome.


if you want to use iDVD, u'll need the internal superdrive. if u're not really planning on using iDVD, though, u should have no problem with using the external burner for data backups and archiving and all that good stuff. :D

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