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I am hoping that someone can help me with this weird problem . . .

I had an iBook for a couple of years, and despite bringing in for repairs several times, no one could fix the following problem: sometimes (not always, but often) when I type certain lettters (As, S, Es mostly) I get two instead of one, and end up with 'aand' and 'heelo' and that sort of thing. No one at Apple could ever figure out the problem, and so I just learned to live with it.

Anyway, I just got a G4 PowerBook and it has been really great, but lo and behold, two weeks after purchasing it, I have the SAME problem with the PowerBook!?! I did transfer some data/documents from my old iBook to the new PowerBook, so I am guessing it must be some kind of bug inside one of the documents? Or maybe a bug picked up from a web site or something? Is that possible?

Has anyone else had this problem and/or does anyone know how/if I can fix it?

(sorry for the long post)

Nov 4, 2003
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Southern Indiana
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Mac Pro Quad Xeon 2.66GHz 3GB RAM, G4 Quicksilver w/Sonnet 1GHz Encore ST, 1ghz G4 Powerbook
I would assume (I know, bad on my part) that you set the keyboard "Delay Until Repeat" option off.


immdb said:
I would assume (I know, bad on my part) that you set the keyboard "Delay Until Repeat" option off.

Actually, it wasn't set to OFF, no! Hmmm, you may have cracked it! If that fixes it I am comin over there and givin you a huge giant kiss.

Unless , you know, <clears throat, shrugs>, you're not into that sort of thing . . .

Miichael ;-)

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