Dock/ldap Help Needed



hi everyone. i have a question to throw out at all of you.

basically, i was wondering if there is a way to maintain the same dock preferences for different users logging on to each machine. also, no one should be able to make any alterations to these dock settings. but, if someone were to make any changes to the dock, i would like it so the original dock settings were restored upon their next login.

i work at a university where students are constantly logging in and out of our machines in the mac lab. we recently installed OSX 10.3 on all emacs in the lab. we were all very excited with the introduction of LDAP with the new release of OSX. now, all of our students are able to logon to the emacs against our server (WIN2000AD) automatically. however, this one issue with the dock has proved to be difficult to solve.

everytime someone logs in, a home directory is created on the local machine for that user. obviously, in that home directory, the preferences are saved and restored upon the next login. this includes the settings for the dock. i realize that there can be changes made within the corresponding .plist file for the dock settings, but, i haven't found a way to make that universal for all users who login to our machines.

any help would be most welcomed and appreciated. this problem has been bugging me for a few days now and hopefully you good ppl of mac-forums can help me out. thanks! =)



I bet an applescript would solve this problem.... I don't know applescript well though and i'm getting tired...maybe i'll look at it in the morning. If you have some free time, go find the terminal commands for the dock settings you want, then write an applescript to run hose commands... then go download iKey, and set the trigger as logon, and make it run said applescript.

Sorry I didn't do all that for you, but i'm about to pass out on the keyboard now... :)

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