Disappearing fonts & piccies in Quark 6!!!



As mentioned in the previos thread, our studio has upgraded simulataneously to MacOS X, Quark 6, Acrobat 6, and Suitcase 11.

Besides the weird corrupting/disappearing fonts issue, we are now opening older Quark 4 documents, saving them as Quark 6 - only to find when we reopen them some of the fonts are wholly disappearing out of their boxes, replaced by the text overspill cross.

And pictures are also disappearing out of their boxes too! Just the cross of an empty picture box.

Does Quark 6 do something weird to files like this? My studio manager thinks it's a memory issue, but unlike earlier systems/applications, you don't allocate memory specifically to applications for MacOS X - it's done automatically. But does the same apply if the whole memory is overworked? Or is it something else?



Reply to Quark 6 bug

Here's one workaround I found on another Mac users forum:

1. Move old Quark documents off the server and onto your desktop.
2. Open the older version Quark document in Ver 6.
3. View the document using the Fit in Window command.
4. View every page and the master page(s).
5. Do a Save As and save the document back to your desktop, thus making it a Quark 6 file.
6. Close the document.

Viewing each page makes the difference and I'm mystified as to why. For instance, if you have a 5-page document and view only three pages, the other two pages will have the overflow boxes and disappearing type.

Good Luck!

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