dell jukebox vs ipod



no i am not wondering about getting one. I think it is a piece of ********* I mean ***. I was reading another forum and these people were like oh the ipod is so shoddy and it is such a ripp off. the dell has a big battery life, and what about the quality of dell. I was so glad that they allowed people to respond cause i said what I wanted. I mean who whould want to buy it it says that 15 gb holds 7,000 songs, yeah right.It is so cheap it does not compare to the ipod in style, quality, usefullness. The scroll whel is so incapable i wanted to shot the **** thing. SO what do you guys think.
Mar 9, 2004
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Well it's (the Dell) kinda big and klunky looking. It only has a USB2 line. The claimed battery life is based on ideal usage :rolleyes: and Dell quality is not necessarily any general predictor - I have heard there are many quality problems with Dell lately. The iPod is clearly nicer, like a BMW to an Opel. As Apple has been proving extremely well lately, it's just plain better Only a blinders-on stubborn -ignore-the-facts type can even try to argue against that. The iPod has the clear edge in quality and appearence. ;)


well... this is what i think:

1. it has the dell name... many computer users are also dell users.

2. it has apple's ipods beat by $100

7000 songs is a joke.. 15 gig hard drive can hold 3660 songs that are 4.0mb large. most songs are between 3 and 5mb... their numbers are fudged

haha i just went to apples site...they say the 15 gig will hold 3700 songs... VERY much more realistic to the actual number of songs that it will hold (15000/4)--- at least we know apple isnt trying to screw someone...

but what do you expect... you get a 10 gig, they give you 9.3... you get a 15 gig, you get 14.1... its all marketing 1000mb isnt 1 gig which is where the problem comes in.. and eventually they get you on technicalities

hopefully this will get apple to bring down their price on their ipods.... anyone who owns an ipod, loves it...but i know you all wish you could have payed less and still got just as good of a product.

it will do ok i believe... but the ipod is big... i walk around campus, and i see the signature ear buds all over the place... its quite nice.


this is very true. I bought my iPod spontaneosly after looking around the internet about it. I also took a look at the Dell "Joke" Box that night. My friend Roger had said it would be what he gets. I took one look at it and was like "Hmmm....yeah ok...$100 cheaper, but it looks like it's dell...which if you're just needing a family pc..get a dell....but if you want quality...don't. I decided...on design alone...not looking at other benifits, the iPod was worth the extra money. then...with the other's just better...I've also found that battery life sucks in general, and that it's never what they say. I've had no real problems with my iPod in battery usage terms...the only potential problem is a long car ride....which I can overcome easily enough.

Also, my friend Roger, after taking a look at my iPod, is now thinking about the iPod a little more...still has a the dell in mind...but I'm working on swaying him...for he won't regret it afterwards.

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