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We are currently running on 10 macs. . .and running OSX, I download files from the internet and then another mac pulls it from my machine and works on the job. . . in OS 9 they would then delete the file and folder off my machine and it would disappear off my machine. . . In the new OS, it will allow them to take the folder, however they can not delete it, or label it or anything. . . any suggestions???


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That sounds like a permissions problem. In OS 9 you can get around file permissions, but in OS X you can not. You will have to open up the file permissions, so that anyone can delete the file if that is what you want.

In OS X (unix) you own the file or folder. I believe the default permissions is owner has read, write and execute, the group has read and execute, and other has read and execute. If everyone is of the same group, then change write flag to on. If everyone is not part of your group then turn on the write flag under other. You will have to do this to any file or folder.

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