decisions, decisions, decisions...



wow - just got off the phone with an Apple rep... priced out a nicely configured PowerBook 15" ALU, with a single 512 M chip, the 5400 rpm 80 Gig Drive, APP, Quicken, and MS Office X... and the price is right with my Government discount... he told me approx 10 business days to get it to my home (on Oahu, Hawaii)... WOW! sounds super-fast/too good to be true...

I MUST wait on my better_half to determine if the price is OK _enough to go ahead with the big_decision... will be my 3rd computer purchase EVER - first was an 80286 clone PC, and then a Dell 500PIII (which I am still using - 4+ years old)... now, a Mac PowerBook?? WOW!! just think!!

been in a Bourne shell programming class at work last week and this week... getting back into the Unix_world after a long hiatis working in the PC world... my next job will be software development in a Unix environment...

decisions, decisions, decisions... would be so much easier if I had recently hit the lottery massively... or would it?

have a great day!,
Sep 5, 2003
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1.8GHz G5 512mb Ram
The choice is simple :p

Macs are awesome and you wont regret an ounce of it!



yeah... from what I have read on this and other forums, sounds like almost everybody who switched are very glad that they did and wished they had done so sooner...

my better_half said to go ahead with it - if I am SURE that it is exactly what I want... of course there is the lingering fear of a G5 PowerBook right around the corner, and being sorry I didn't wait... there is always that when buying computer stuff...

priced out a Dell Latitude D800 with Pentium M 1.4 GHz, 15.4 WSXGA+, XP Pro, Win Office Pro, 512 M on one chip, 80 G drive (4200 RPM), 64 M Nvidia graphics card, 4XDVD+RW, Wireless G, Bluetooth, 3 yr warranty, NAV - and it came out VERY CLOSE to what I was quoted by Apple.COM - PowerBook is $85 more, including shipping, Hawaii tax (that Apple.COM makes you pay)...

pretty sure that is a close comparison as far as PC notebook versus the Apple PowerBook 15" that I priced out... on the plus side is OS/X and its awesome Unix BSD rock-solid, way less worms/viruses, security built in from the git-go OS... ILIFE 04 with GarageBand, the .MAC subscription making it very easy to build my very first Web site, a faster HD, and the awesome beauty of the PowerBook, and its way_kewl backlit keys and auto-dimming display... also, an extra FW port (at faster 800 speed), and gigabit ethernet (pretty sure the Dell has 100Mbit ethernet built-in on this model)... and I also would get Quicken 2004 with mine... on the negative side, I would be getting a slower DVD burner...

so the PowerBook compares up pretty darn good when compared to a Dell... not sure why I need to do that, but it makes me feel better to do the research before taking the plunge...

later - gotta study up for a Bourne Shell programming quiz tomorrow!,

sKaD said:
The choice is simple :p

Macs are awesome and you wont regret an ounce of it!

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