Decided on iB over PB



hey all.

i just want to express my appreciation for the board and the input of those "in the know". reading the posts has been very helpful.

now that i have gotten over my fear of the "switch", i have been really struggling with choosing the hardware. at first, i was totally dead set on getting the PB 12 with the SD. the instant i saw the metallic casing, i was sucked right in to the maelstrom of its sexy tech effect. the hardest part to swallow was the price. by the time i was done configuring the PB, it was near $2000 usd. i am pretty tightfisted with my money and spending that much on an unknown commodity when i have several other big expenses coming up was too much for my fragile psyche. at the very least, i had decided to wait until MWSF was over, hoping that some new upgrade to the PB 12 would push me into buying it.

i had thought up until a couple days ago that the iB was too "white" and too feminine, and simply not cool or fast enough. then a friend got an iB 14. i took one good look at it and was immediately intrigued. i was impressed by the fit and sturdiness of the case. i was also very impressed with the speed and clarity of the screen. i was most impressed by the price which was hundreds less than the PB. i decided to go back to the apple store and compare the two. i decided i was actually liking the case of the iB better than the PB, especially after the PB case BENT after i put a little prssure on it trying to close a gap between the frame and some trim. i found out the iB did not do this, thanks to a case made of the same stuff as bullet-proof materials. construction was overall better on the iB.

finally, i really stopped and asked myself if i need the 200 mhz and the bigger L2 cache. i mainly use word, powerpoint, excel, and surf the net/do research. i rarely play a game or do video or photo editing. i am going to use the money i save to build a new desktop pc and i will buy a big fast dvd burner for it. can't completely cut the pc cord yet. best of both worlds, i say.

i came to the realization that for my purposes, my budget and for a first mac purchase, the iBook is ideal. hours of reasearch online have demonstrated that many people agree with me and think that the iB is the best package for the money for my user group. these people absolutely RAVE about their iB's. i can't wait to order it, but i am still going to wait for MWSF.


good choice!

i just switched to the mac world, i bought an old imac to play about with but only kept it for a week and then decided to buy a brand new G4 14" Ibook (933).

its an awesome little machine and i cant believe how cheap it is considering the quality of it!

anyway, just thought id let you know that i think you'll be extremely pleased with your new ibook ;)


I couldn't live without my 15" PowerBook.... although... I suppose i could make do with a 17".... ;)

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