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Dazzle 90 Capture Device

Jan 18, 2007
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College Station, TX
Hey everyone, I used the search feature but I couldn't find a clear-cut answer as to whether this thing (The Dazzle 90 Capture Device) would be compatible with my MacBook so if it was answered and I missed it, please don't let me have it too badly. :bomb:

My buddy is going to let me borrow his Dazzle 90 Capture Device so I can record videos from my Xbox 360 (I have the necessary component cables to hook up to the Dazzle). After a bit of Google'ing, I've still come up with mixed results.

The only reason I'm asking before simply trying it out is because I won't be able to get it for another few days, and if I can get a response here, I'll be able to buy one that is compatible before I go back to school. If it's not a Dazzle, I could care less so if you guys know better deals and stuff, that'd be cool.

Edit: I found a similar thread but this guy was using something called an EyeTV, I'm researching a bit on that but any replies are still much appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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