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I have seen people using older versions of Mac capable of changin their icons. eg. The boring folder icon which sometimes makes u confused. Perhaps I might wanna replace it with a music pic icon to differenciate the diffference and uniqness. I wonder if it is still possible for Mac OS X to do that. I have borrowed books from the library on OS X but none has told me how to customise my icons. Tell me it's possible k> :)


Go to, download candybar. Find you a folder set from either or (others too those are just my cup of tea) Make sure you set the ones you can live with as unless you plan to drop some money for Candybar after 7 changes it stops working. :cool:

Edit - However after it runs up your icons stay what you changed them too. But bad thing is you cant go back to the original without buying candybar... but why would you want to go back :)

Side note: If you change them and get stuck with a set you don't like you can remove Candybar from your computer redownload and it gives you seven more chances. The process can continue but please don't do that as it is stealing.... kind of. I just informed you of this incase you get stuck with a set you hate.
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You can also copy a picture and past it onto a folder by going to "Get Info" clicking on the folder icon and pasting.

Try this:
select a text file, get info, click on the text files icon, press command + C
select a folder, get info, click on the folder icon, press command + V

and ta da you changed the folder icon. That will give you an idea on how simple it is.

To revert get info on changed folder click on icon and press delete.

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