copying pics from pc to a forum

Aug 2, 2011
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The forums I subscribe to have a facility to upload to an online image library then copy and paste a link. As soon as you select an option you are taken to a separate site where you can browse your computer for the pictures - select MEDIA > Photos > iPhoto > specific album. To select more than one image, hold down the Command key as you click on the pictures then click the 'open' tab. Choose the size you want the picture to be then click upload. A single picture will have a list of options - choose Forum Code, copy and paste the link. For several you may have to upload one at a time (definitely have to on imageshack). Click on photo, from the menu choose 'embed link' > forum link. Copy this into the forum post. Go back to the image hosting site and go back to the previous page where all the images are held.

Options from one of my forums:

• Upload image to post ImageShack
• Upload image to post ImagesTime
• Upload file to external server, remember to copy and paste here the url

Hope this helps.

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