Connection MacBook Pro to LED TV - questions

Jan 31, 2010
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Hey there forum!

I just got my new Samsung LED TV and I would like to hook it up with my MacBook Pro (when I get it this month). Now, there's a couple of questions I have.
I know the MiniDisplayPort (MDP) in the MacBook Pro doesn't support audio out, so I've looked into some other solutions. After searching for a while with my best friend named Google, I came to the conclusion that a MDP --> HDMI + USB Audio cable would be a great solution (link).

Now I will be using this primarily for watching movies on my TV, but I don't want to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse (yet!), so my question is if I would be able to watch the movies on the TV without closing the lid?
Is it as simple as configuring the screens to work with each other and just drag and drop QuickTime from my MBP screen to the LED screen?
If not, how can this be done? Does anyone have a better idea?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 23, 2008
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You can watch the movie on your TV without closing the lid to your MBP. The idea is exactly the same as hooking an external monitor to your MBP. You can operate it in either clamshell mode or open lid mode. Whichever you prefer.

Of course in order to operate your new MBP in clamshell mode you would need an external keyboard and mouse. See the following Apple KB article. LINK


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