Connecting to Windows File Share



OK, here goes. First question:

I'm attempting to connect to a Windows 2003 Server. I go into finder and hit [Apple-K] and it pops up the nice window. In the box that comes up I type 'smb://en733' which is the server name. When the SMB/CIFS Filesystem Authentication box comes up I type in the Domain name, Username & Password. It will then attempt to connect but give me an error stating that the userser name or password is wrong. The ID/PW I am attempting to use is a Enterprise Admin in the domain. I've also tried using the local macines administrator account with no luck. How do I connect to a windows file server where the server is part of a domian?



How to connect to a Windows Server 2003

Check the Connecting to a Win2k3 fileserver thread (my post) for how to configure a WS03 server for Mac support and connections.

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