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Hey, I was wondering how I could connect my camcorder to my mac. My camcorder is a samsung, and it has RCA outputs, not firewire. It's only a year old (still being sold in stores).

I know camcorders with firewire are supposed to be plug and play with imovie, but of course, I have RCA. Is there a way to convert RCA to firewire, or maybe even USB? Or do I have to get a new camcorder all together?

My camera has digital output (it's a digital Hi8). Most firewire cameras use DV format. I don't know how different the two are. Anyone know if mac would read it if I could find a rca to firewire converter?

If I could find a converter, I could also connect a VCR to my mac. That'd be handy if I were to find older video's that I wanted to put into an iMovie.

My mac (it's a powerbook G4, new one) has an s-video. My mac came with an s-video to RCA adapter. I tried to see if that'd work, but it didn't. I also noticed that it says, "s-video out" beside the plug in.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

--nate :)
Jul 22, 2003
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rca and firewire are completely different and there wouldnt be a converter.

i use a digital hi8 camera (sony) and it has a firewire out on it


I found a couple of converters.

Formac Studio, for example looks like a cool device. You can make your mac into a media studio -- you can even watch TV on your mac. I can even use my camcorder. It connects to your mac via firewire, and the device has outputs for RCA, S-video, and TV-in.

Dazzle Hollywood DV bridge, is supposed to be another good media converter.

Both converters are Mac compatable. The cost, however, is between $200-$300 US dollars. Is it worth it? It depends on what you want to do.

These little converts would be handly if you're really into media projects. The TV tuner is a neat function. Also, if you have an older camcorder, it's good. DV cameras cost between $500-$1000 Canadian dollars (US cost is maybe $350-900). And of course, there are $5000 professional camcorders.

This device is worth it for those who have a few thousand dollar professional camcorder, and don't want to shell out twice as much for a DV professional camcorder.

Is it worth it for a home user? it depends if you're going to use it's functions. You can almost get a cheap DV camera with the same amount. But Dv cameras don't have TV. Watching TV on a computer can be fun...but it depends, most people watch TV on the TV. Play your PS2 on your mac? That could be fun.

anyway, I'm still doing my research. And the next door neighbour can't sing -- he's loud, and I can hear him through the walls. Loud music booming and a sick-cat sounding sing along. Ick. I'm glad I'm moving at the end of the month. (the walls aren't thin here, I've lived here for a year and never heard anyone until this guy moved in two months ago. How can he still hear?) lol

--nate :)


Google for something called EyeTV, It's supposed to be a TiVo for Mac type thing but it might work for this as well.


MacMall and Amazon were both selling the Dazzle's for about $129.

There's also the Formac that's just a converter.

Then there's the Formac and the EyeTV (made by El Gato) that let you watch and record TV.

Whichever way, make sure you get one w/ a FireWire interface.

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