Completely confused with iCloud/MobileMe with 10.7.2 and iOS 5

Jul 10, 2008
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I have a lot of questions…

  1. what is my apple id?
  2. i got an email saying my icloud is activate on my id. on apple id page when i sign in with that id it rejects me. when i sign in with it logs me and in and says my Apple Id is!!! super confusing.
  3. has apple launched a free email service with icloud? if so, what is my id and from where do i log in to it?
  4. signing into leads me to, which after singing in leades me to the 'find my iPhone' page!
  5. how does iOS back ups to iCloud work? i'm setting up an iPhone from fresh with ios 5. will it back up my data like map bookmarks?

please help.
May 22, 2005
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Closer than you think.
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I was too, but I went with it anyway.

1. It's very possible you have several Apple IDs. iCloud however will only accept an Apple ID that is an email address. My first Apple ID I created to buy stuff from the iTunes Store is not an email address but it it the one that is bound to a credit card.

2. When you upgrade to OS 10.7.2 and select the iCloud System Preference you are prompted to migrate your MobileMe account to iCloud. There is a setup assistant that walks you through the migration. Once done, logging into iCloud will be similar to logging into You can also setup iCloud on your device with the Apple ID and use the other Apple ID for iTunes or any other accounts needed.

3. Yes. You will still be [email protected]. Unless of course you decide not to migrate your MobileMe account and startup a new AppleID from scratch.

4. See #2 and #3

5. You have the option to backup your iOS devices to iCloud or use the computer to sync and backup with. Select iCloud in Settings on the phone to enable iCloud backups. They are the same as if you were plugged into iTunes.

I just moved the account as I only use it to sync my address book and calendars and don't use the Mail feature. I didn't yet want another Apple ID.
I've heard through the internet that Apple is working on a way to merge your Apple IDs to remove some of this type of confusion.

Hope this helps.

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