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I am a first time Mac user after more than 20 years with PCs of variuos sorts, the latest 5 being laptops: IBM, IBM, Acer, Toshiba and lastly IBM T30. The problems culminated with the T30 that presented bluescreens at least twice a day with a serious crash min. once a week. After 10 months with it, and one specific, important PP presentation where the machine refused to do anything... I had enough! To the story I should mention that IBM had it for check up and repair twice. One time the HD was replaced. I insisted to have it back and it has run like a dream in my external HD, just to mention it....
Did the "repair" do it any good at all? No! To make a long story short, here I am going on my 5th week with an alum. PB 15" G4 Superdrive - and have found "new meaning with life" again. Using the MS Mac Office package - as I need to share files with the world - touch wood, it works perfect so far. No bluescreens no black, staring screen with all work gone into never-land.....I'm happy again! I start to feel secure, and I enjoy using the PB to its fullest, in work as well as home. I wanted to share that joy.

- The PC experinece has been very usefull in one specific and important aspect, I have become very disiplined on back-up rountines...
- My son has a "home made" killer desktop XP PC that runs all kinds of games and graphic programs...and after 18 months, not one single problem. And I assure you, he abuses that machine. So, not rule without exception...

Now - to the topic:
- I know many in my work environment want to move to "something else". All have more or less problems with their laptop PCs though rarely as extreme as my experience. The options are few and far apart. Linux is tempting but still is not for the amateurs. Mac is then the only realistic choice. The alum. PB is found too expensive though. The iBook would be a good option, but here is the problem...the male part of the organization at least, would not be caught dead with a WHITE laptop. No way! Selling chemicals, fertilizer, machinery, paint.... coming to the tatoo'ed customer with a WHITE machine? It could just as well have been pink....! I know, a very silly attitude of course but nevertheless a fact. Much of the business in this world is still done outside of the academia/ad.agencies/architect/IT/design environments. These guys want BLACK or dull GREY to suit the power image. Sad but true. No big surprise is it? Then, why on earth don't Apple see the validity of the issue and become flexible and let the customer choose the color of the box? Steve Jobs would be that pragmatic would he not?
I bet one of the main reasons that NOKIA won the first round of the cell phone war, was the simple fact that the kids could easily change the skins. Motorola did not offer that, nor Ericsson or anyone else for that matter...
If Apple wants to win the younger generation over by the scores the advise is to learn from the cell phone market and make the color option available.
To win over more of the profesional market - make sure that a) the market really understand that the interface with the MS world is no issue, because that is a general and very real misconception out there, and b) give it BLACK!


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I am a Unix System Administrator for IBM. I consider myself as a professional and I have a IBM thinkpad, an iBook and a Powerbook. I use any one of them on various job sites. I don't think the iBook color should be a problem. For those individuals on your crew that feel that way must have a problem. I use computers as tools. Just like the tools in your tools box, each one for a given task at a given time. If color is a big item, they can have them painted. There is a company that will paint the iBook. Unfortunely, I can not remember the name of the company at this moment. If cost is an issue, then maybe the 12in powerbook may be the laptop, to look at.

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