Cleaning Macbook?

Mar 25, 2010
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I accidently knocked over a bowl of beef soup that day and it splattered all over the place, with a lot of it hitting my laptop. It didnt directly spill onto my MBP but it did get all over the screen and keyboard.

I wiped as much off immediately with a towel and cleaned it. I did not shut it off because it was working fine. It is the day after and it still works fine. No problems.

However, I am afraid some of that soup got into the speaker holes and keyboard when i was panicking and trying to wipe off the soup. How can i clean it and check it to ensure that none of it got in? (Keyboard is functioning fine though)

Also, there is a bad smell coming from my laptop because of the soup. It was beef soup and now has a really bad smell, mainly from my monitor because most of it hit the screen. How can i go about cleaning the smell? Will it die out after a while? Or should i do something about cleaning it?

I am afraid to take the keys off because I have had one key break off just through normal use. I know the clips are very fragile. Should i go and give it a try though? Is it easy to break if care if taken?

Please let me know. Like I said, i did not shut off the laptop afterwards because it was not a direct spill on top of the MBP (it splattered all over the room and a lot of the soup hit the MBP). Please let me know. I just want to clean it and make sure none of the soup got into the MBP itself!
Sep 9, 2009
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Your Mac's Specs
Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
Wow..... ok
Firstly, it is more than likely that your MBP will eventually start playing up, and die due to this.... Mainly because you did not shut it off, and only gave it a wipe over with a towel, instead of taking it apart and giving it a good cleanout and leaving it apart and powered off for a few days.
I'd still take the whole thing apart, and give it a good cleanup!
As for taking the keys off YouTube - How to replace keys on an Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard but if it really got in there, I don't believe anything but a whole upper case replacement is going to take care of that.
End of the day, I'm sure it will be in between every nook and cranny, and that is where the smell will be emanating from, if you have cleaned the exterior with mild detergent and very slightly damp cloth and it still smells.

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