Chicken of the VNC issues

Dec 4, 2007
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Hopefully I am posting this question in the correct place!

I have a small home network, with a server running Ubuntu. To save money and space, the server does not have keyboard, mouse or screen attached, and use my MBP to "drive" it.

I do this by means of X11VNC on the server, and Chicken of the VNC on the Mac.

I get two odd situations, and am unsure if these are Mac issues or server ones!

The first is signing in - COTVNC displays the Ubuntu login screen. I enter my password. SOMETIMES it logs straight in, but that is not the usual situation - I may have to try 8 or 9 times to do this, getting "Reconnect / OK" messages which make no real odds whichever I do.

Is this just a glitch, or am I being really dim?

The second issue is keyboard going haywire - I will enter a text document or terminal in the COTVNC window, and the screen will just fill with a repeating character. Once this happens, the only real remedy is to restart GDM on the server. At which point issue #1 crops up again!

I am getting less and less reliant on a GUI, and am doing more things via SSH, but when it works it's really nice!

One other thing - I can happily COTVNC into other Ubuntu boxes in our network and don't seem to have the same issues. Not sure if that is relevant either.

Thanks in advance!

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