Cd's that came with imac.. use with a different comp



Hey.. I have 2imac G4 computers.. and the 15" one has regular CD versions of the operating system.. but I am purchasing a G3 iMac soon, and I was wondering, can I use the OSX panther CD that came with my mac, to upgrade the other imac??


Are they DVDs or CDs? I got DVDs with my PowerBook G4, so obviously they won't work in a G3 iMac. Only other problem is that it's technicaly illegal to do that, so you might want to check out the Mac OS X Family Pack - twice the price of OS X but you can use it on up to five Macs.


iSheep said:
Are they DVDs or CDs?

I have both. I got the DVD version with my 17" iMac, I think there was 2 DVD's, but I only had one CD version... Actually, let me double check.

Either way, will it work on the other mac...?

And okay, I just checked.. I have 2 DVD's, software restore 1 and 2.. but then in teh other package, I have Software Restore 1 (which is a DVD), but software restoer 2 and 3 are CD versions. =\ So I'll assume if I don't have a DVD drive, I'll just use software restore 2 + 3?
Aug 5, 2003
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What kind of iMac G3 is it? It may have a DVD drive, I know my 400 MHz DV SE has one.

If it does, you should be able to use them to install OS X, but you will not be able to use them to install the items in software restore. Just FireWire Target into your G3 using your G4 and install the software restore items like that.

Or say screw it all and wait for Tiger.


Well, I know for a fact it doesn't have a DVD drive, but, yeah, I am j/w. =\ I guess I could firewire them together.. now to buy a firewire that is the same on both ends...


As long as you've made sure that it has OS 9.2.2 for classic (for classic & double-booting) and find out which is the latest OS on the G3 iMac. If it doesn't have OSX at all, then you are in for a long night, my friend! :)

You have to get the original OSX 10.0 somehow, and then build up your updates to at least Jaguar. Then you can do a straight upgrade to Panther, and then add the other updates to 10.3.5.

It'll take you ages to do, but it's totally possible. I know, cos it took me 2 DAYS to get it right. I say two days, it was two weekdays, and a guy has to work, you know? :D

Don't forget the security and firmware updates along the way, unless the most recent one will do for all. Which I doubt.


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