Can't connect to Internet while using XP in bootcamp?

Aug 24, 2008
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I love my mac but I have this small problem that I cant figure out. When Im in Mac mode, I connect to the internet with no problems at all. But when I use bootcamp to load XP, no connection at all.

Ive tried calling the technical support reps at AT&T, but they are no help at all.

Another concern of mine, is that the reps there keep mentioning that if I have more than one computer, I may need to "upgrade" to a networking plan. I think that is BS because I ran two PCs at one time on their plan. I already bought their 2wire dsl modem. Until they forced me to register, I could use both PC's at the same time just fine.
I am not going to pay extra for a "network plan upgrade"...Ill just go back to cable internet before I do that.

Im almost afraid to tell AT&T that I have a mac that will connect along with my other PC without upgrading. The only reason I want to connect to the internet in XP is so that I can play guildwars, which will only work in windows.

Any advice?
Nov 23, 2007
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Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire, UK
I don't think it is anything to do with your ISP, so no need to contact them.

Did you burn the drivers CD and install them when you set up Boot Camp?

If so and it still doesn't work it is probably something to do with your network settings within XP. I don't know much about XP but that is where you need to be looking for the problem.

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