cannot share file beween two macs

May 7, 2007
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hi everybody
i was able to access files on both my iMac and MBPro. but since few days my MBPro stopped connecting to iMac. When i connect my MBPro from my iMac it works fine and i can access the users file and the HD. but the problem when i try to connect the iMac in my MBPro. the messege shows that FTP File system Authentication. Enter ur username and password to access the server at the URL ftp//username.local./. but as soon as i give the username and password of the iMac which i wanted to access but the messege shows The username or password i entered is not valid. i also try to give the username and the password from MBPro but same answer.
Another thing when i connect to MBPro from my iMac, The messege which appears to give the username and password is not as same as i get it from MBPro. The messege just says Connect to the file server's "usersname's computer" and i have to click one of the following to Connect:- as Guest or Registered User.
i have also checked if there has been any changes in file "Sharing" in the System Preference. but both the macs have been set up exactly the same.
Somebody Pl! guide me the right way to access the file between this two macs.

i would really be very greatfull.

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