Can you Network a PC and a MAc?????



Im currently saving for my first Mac I want a G5. My biggest fear about doing this is.................................................
Networking a PC and Mac is it possible??

The reason for me doing this is that my internet is coming to my house into my PC then ive networked the house as my bro and sis has a PC in their room.

Id be keeping my PC if i had to and just turn my PC which i currently use to a server (Net, film & music server) but id rather get windows out of my room and be able to network my Mac and the 2 PC's up with the net pumping in and out of my Mac to the PC's.
They are currently connected through a hub that is directly conected to my PC as my modem is connected via USB all hard wired as I cant be fussed with wireless!! I know networking two Macs is a piece of cake just plug the cables in and there you go.
All help much appriciated.
Hope you can all understand this as im a bit tired today.
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yes you can network macs and pcs with no problem



Wireless is the way to go man no cables nothin. Its great. An you can network Macs an PCs no prob they have a iMac at my school as the I.T. guys computer while all the rest are PCs.


Erm, I've been researching cable modems because im hoping to get cable next year, and with the motorola modems (im not sure about other brands) dont connect to macs via usb, but through ethernet. From what i could gather from your post you plug your modem into your pc via usb, then the other computers are connected to a hub that comes off your ethernet... and i'm assuming you have a cable modem.
You might have to put an addtional ethernet card in your mac, when you get it, so one can be used for the modem to connect to, and the other for the hub to plug into, if you get me.
However, i know nothing of your modem or your connection, but its worth looking into.
I havent attempted to network my mac to a pc, so im ignorant to how the mac shares files, but what i do know is that its different. You might want to use your old pc as a file server just to make the change easier on your two siblings, and yourself. Just lock it in a cupboard or something...


It's really simple. Just get a router, plug your cable modem to it. Plug each of your computers into the router using an ethernet cable. (most macs come with ethernet now i think).

That's pretty much it, as far as sharing internet access.

If you want to go further, you can also share files, although it's kinda annoying with the Windows system, but as long as the network is set up from the PC side, all you really need to do is turn on Windows File Sharing in Panther.

Printer sharing is even more annoying, and only really possible if you are using a network printer in my experience. Mine wasn't, so I got a USB switch so that I can have each computer use the printer with a push of a button. It's not a very elegant solution though. If you have a network printer, it's worthwhile to get a router with a printer server.

I've personally set up two mixed PC and Mac home networks, and it wasn't too challenging. I like the D-Link 604 router, personally, but there are probably better ones out there.

Hope that helps,


How do i network the mac and PC using a router

I am running Mac OS 9 on most machines, actually, its these machines which is important to connect to a PC. Iv plugged the PC in to the router, but the Macs cant see it. Is there a way of doing it so the Macs can see the pc? If possible back work on to it.
And “NO” the PC cant see them either.

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