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Sep 13, 2009
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Pittsburgh, PA
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27" iMac Core 2 Duo, 4GB 1067 MHz RAM, iPhone 4S
Okay so here is the situation... 27" iMac Core 2 Duo... When I shut down there is a buzzing/humming noise (seemingly like an electronic buzz) coming from the top left corner of the machine. When the power button is pressed to turn it back on, immediately the sound goes away so there is no problem when the machine is on all day. The only way to make it stop when the computer is off is to pull the power cord and then a split second later it goes away. I know this can't be normal or good to just let is buzz all night so I have been pulling the plug but I have no explanation of why this is happening? Or what people would recommend as I want to take the best care of this machine as possible?

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