Can I map the superdrive on another mac on a local network?

May 10, 2007
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Mac pro quad 2.66 / G5 1.8
I'm ripping my DVDs to my main machine, and burning copies for my daughter to use - the originals are going out of harms way.

I have on my local network a screen/keyboard/mouseless G5 that is just used as a webserver. I connect via ARD. The old machine is 10.3. The main machine is 10.4

Is there a way to share the superdrive on the old machine so that (a local copy of) toast can burn a DVD on the remote machine, while the superdrive on this machine is ripping another DVD?

I could take the superdrive out of the old one and put it in the 2nd bay on the new one, but if I can map it I wouldn't need to.

Windows does this OK - I can share a DVD drive on one machine and map to it on another. Is there a Mac equivalent?


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