Buying Support book (s) for new Imac 21 inch

Nov 14, 2014
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Help needed please.Identified some Apple support books to study New Imac soon to arrive, model 21 inch and have just realized the books address the Maverick operating system. My Imac will come with the OSX Yosemite operating system. I have had an IMac year 2007 and have acquired basic skills but with my new Imac want to study and make more use, Iphoto, Itunes, get a photo scanner and so on. As the current books available (?) offer Maverick advice only is it sensible to order these books or will I have to wait until a book comes out with Yosemite advice.
From a pensioner with basic skills who is determined to try harder with my new Imac. Thank you for any replies and advice.

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