Browser Interactivity (Java?) Problems

Apr 3, 2010
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I'm having issues with all available browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome and even old IE) with interactivity.

Here are three symptoms: Blog forms clear formatting when submitted (intermittent); "Add a Comment" forms return vague "there was an error posting, try again" messages (cbsnews) or simply clear without result when submitted (foxnews, abcnews) (persistent); Attempts to post listing on Craigslist return "prohibited" message although listing is completely inoccuous (persistent).

Many other interactive functions appear to function fine (username, password, etc.). This problem is making me crazy. I am suspecting corrupt java, but I would rather jump in front of a moving train that re-install the OS on my G4 and go through upgrading to the current revision.

System Info: Mac OS X 10.4.11 ;' 400 MHz PowerPC G4; 256Mb Ram

Any ideas? I'm leaning toward dynamite as a solution....

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