I just updated to the new mac OS X 10.3.1 and when it told me to reboot I pressed reboot. When the computer turned back on it loads welcomes but after my background loads the mouse spins with colours the time and battery meter are showing in top right but with no grey bar behind them. I have the dock at the bottom but finder isn't running. When i try to log out (by using the shortcut keys) it will say that I can press logout or it will auto logout in 120 sec which never counts down. If I run preferences from the dock the window comes up but I can't interact with it cause my mouse is still spinning colours. The only thing I can do is hold the power till it turns off.

I've tried running in safe boot but still the same thing. I am running OS X 10.3.1 on a 2001 iBook 600mhz 384mb ram. The system was working before when I was using 10.3.

I heard that I should try and log in as a different user because maybe its only this user. My computer is set to auto login and I only have one account. How can I at startup tell the computer to stop so I could maybe log in as root or something??

Anyone else have any other ideas??

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