Boot Drive fails from time to time on G5

Jan 18, 2015
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We have been having problems with our Mac Pro tower G5. This G5 runs OSX 10.6. It has a solid state hard drive with the operating system as well as all necessary files for daily operation on it.
About one month ago we began having problems

-The computer all of a sudden crashed and took several attempts at rebooting to recover and work again.

-About 2 weeks later the same problem happened; it crashed and then would not turn on again. Even after several attempts at hard rebooting, the machine would not boot. So we took it out of service and into our shop. In our shop the computer booted up. So we ran disc utility and found that our solid state boot disc had been corrupted. We attempted recovery, and it failed. So we got a new Hard Drive and loaded a new copy of OSX 10.6 on it and copied all necessary files to that boot Hard Drive. After this the computer returned to working order and was put back into service.

-About 2 weeks after this the computer crashed in the same way and would not boot back up. It will be taken to
and we are going to the Apple Store tomorrow. Any one have a similar experience and can lend advice? Greatly appreciated.

Aug 19, 2014
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first off g5's won't run 10.6 and last but not least 10.6 is no longer supported and the apple store won't help you with 10.6 problems


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Nov 15, 2009
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If you really are running 10.6 then it must be a Mac Pro not a G5. The machines look almost identical so it's an easy mistake to make. See here. The G5 is on the left.

In either case something odd is happening especially after adding a new drive. I wonder about the hard drive connections starting to fail. What tasks were you doing when the problems started?

I suppose the boot problems could also be related to faulty memory with the hard drive corruption being the result of multiple failed boot attempts.

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