BluRay Burner for Mac Pro

Aug 17, 2009
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Ajax, Ontario
Your Mac's Specs
DeskTop is a MacPro 2.8 Quad/22gig/900gig SSD/2x3Tb HD plus MBP 15" 2.66 Core I7 /8gig/1.5Tb SSD
I just want to let the forum know that today I installed 2 SATA Optical Drives in my Mac Pro 3.1 quad . The first is just a regular LG-GH24LS70 DVD writer the other is an LG-BH12LS38 Bluray writer and they both are performing better than I expected. It was a little tough feeding SATA cables up through the case into drive bay, actually had to unscrew Sata hard drive #1 off it's mount to make room to feed the cables through,but it all worked out SWEET now I can burn & rip Bluray YAHOO !!:Cool:

Also used straight Sata on Logic board and right angle for drive end 18" long

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