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Bill Gates doesn't only copy software

Dec 30, 2002
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Sunny So Cal
Your Mac's Specs
from Woz.org

A Reader Asks
Hi Woz. First, thanks for inventing the PC industry. The Apple II made my childhood years more fun than anything else I could imagine and I continue to use Apple computers for graphic design to this very day. Anyway, here goes...remember a few years back when Bill Gates got smacked in the face with a cream pie? I would like to what your reaction was. I'm aware that you are fond of jokes and humor -- so was the pie-in-the-face a well-deserved harmless prank, or was it inappropriate and childish?

I actually sent Bill an email with a picture of myself smiling as I got 'pied' after my college graduation. It was for fun, to make a photo captioned "Apple Pie-in-ear" (pioneer) and I appreciated the humor. I told Bill that it would be good if he lightened up about it and laughed and even arranged for a pie thrower if he ever had a stale stage appearance. But I never heard back. Click for larger photo.


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