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Best software for making video webcasts and converting to WMV?

Jan 11, 2007
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Been a long-time PC user just switching to Mac.

I run a website that goes out to consumer electronic
conventions and takes camcorder footage of product
and interviews.

As a PC owner I used Pinnacle software to edit my material
and then save file in WMV format so that it could be uploaded
to our website and that anyone could watch the footage within
their browser using Windows Media Player.

Now I am a newbie Mac enthusiast and I need to do the same

I need a program where I can simply plug in my camcorder
firewire and transfer video to hard drive. Then, carefully edit
my material (removing stuff I don't want), adding titles and
fade-out. I then need to convert that footage to the WMV format
to upload for Windows Media Players.

Not sure if the included iDVD program will do all that -or- if
it will do most of the job but I would still need a program to
convert the files.

Can someone give me good advice on getting this all done?



Retired Staff
Dec 24, 2002
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Los Angeles, California
Your Mac's Specs
14in MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB 2TB
You can you iMovie to exit the date and make a quicktime movie.

Some else, will know how to convert it another format.

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