Beige G3 - Large HDD? Secondary HDD?



I have a Beige 266Mhz G3 Desktop,

I want to make it into a file server, mostly to backup my powerbook at home (I already do that at the office) and keep large files off my PowerBook.

And I was wondering...
Can it handle a large drive? Say 120 GBs?
I'm not sure what I'm sticking into it yet as I have a few drives laying around, but would like the comfort of knowing how large I can go.

Also, last I was in it, I didn't notice a secondary IDE connector on the HDD cable (then again I wasn't paying attention to that), is there a secondary connector? If not, can I replace the cable with one that does, and have a 2nd HDD work off of that?

Thanks for any info. :)

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