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Hey all
Quick one there any type of a battery reset ? im only asking because i have a brand new ipod 3rd gen and out of the box i charged it and it said it was done the next day and went to use it and it was only half full ??
put it back on the charger right after that and it started charging again for about an hour..then said it was done again and it was only 3/4 that time...put it back on and after another night it said it was charged again but it didnt look fully charged...maybe like 90% used it till it died then tried to charge it again..but it still hasnt gotten a full charge i think

ive run the configuration test when you reset it then go into the support area and it shows i think that the battery is fine...and extra info from you smart ppl would be amazing
Jul 22, 2003
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the battery meter takes some time to get back to what it really is. I have drained my iPod many times, fully charged it and it takes a few minutes of listening to music for the meter to get back


give it a bit. it's still charged all the way. sometimes when you first take it off the charger, it shows it an not all the way full..however, it is. Scroll throgh some songs...use it for a bit, and you will find that it is fullly charged. Also...once it's all the way still has lots of time least this is true for a 3rd gen iPod.....from my experice anyways....


i sure that might be the opperation of normal i think mine might have an issue with it...ive had about 3 hours of play time and the battery is i have turned it on then off about 7 times..just been using it while on my breaks at work so like 6 15 min breaks then 2 45 min breaks and thats it and my battery is dead...

does that sound about right ... thats only maybe 3 hours of listening time at the most. i keep the volume at about 3/4, repeat is off, shuffle is off, and so is the back light and the eq is off, i dont play any games.

if this is right what is the best way to get the most out of my batterys life or should i take this in to get checked out ??

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