Battery Problems

Feb 16, 2011
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Apple Valley, CA
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I have a Macbook 5.2 that has stopped working on the battery, but it will work when plugged into AC. The battery was old & not charging well when it stopped working off battery power. I followed some advice I got on MacForums & ordered the Magsafe part the AC adapter plugs into & installed it. I bought a new battery & now it appears the battery is charging just fine, but the computer still will not work off battery power. The battery appears to be fully charged from the # of lights shown on the battery when I push the button on the battery. The laptop does not seem to recognize the battery as it shows (Not Charging) next to the battery symbol next to the date when I it is operating on AC.

Any ideas, or is my laptop toast except when plugged into AC?

Thanx in advance for any responses.
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