Bands for the Apple Watch Sport?

Dec 27, 2014
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I'm curious...I want to use my future Apple Watch for workout reasons, mostly, which means I will get the sport watch with the sport band.

But, is it possible to purchase a link band or one of the Apple Watch (not sport) bands and use it on the apple watch sport? Does anyone have any clue? Thanks


As there are exactly zero in general circulation right now ... they are only handled for promotional purposes and then reclaimed, unless your name is Tim Cook ... the answer to your question is that nobody outside Apple knows.

There is some evidence that the Apple Watch is still undergoing refinement and (slight) changes, so it is likely to be February before we can see these things in stores. At that point, we'll have some answers, but as a longtime follower of Apple and looking at the pictures on the site, my **GUESS** would be that only the high-end model offers an easy way to change the watchband. From the pictures, it looks like the other two editions have permanent or not-easy-to-change bands.

This could of course be completely wrong. :)


Dec 31, 2010
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Whilst it's correct to say we can't definitively answer the question, I think there is strong evidence that each watch can use any strap.

Look at this image from the Apple site:

Every type of watch body has the same feature which allows the watch strap to be attached.

Now, not every strap type will look good with each body, as, for example, the Sport body is aluminium whilst the metal strap is steel so the two metals might seem to visually 'clash'. But based on the available evidence the locking mechanism seems to be universal.

ETA: there are images of the underside of the standard watch and the 'sport' version and both clearly have the same lock/release button on the underside to allow the strap arms to be removed. There is no shot showing the underside of the 'luxury' model but no reason to think they will be an odd one out.
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