At the process of installing AE card (Need Help)



This is for a G4 iBook 12".

1) I have removed the battery.

2) Flipped the iBook and removed the keyboard.

3) I can see the open slot for the airport extreme card.

4) I see the metal clip and one wire that I have connected to the AE card.

5) I understand that the side that says "Airport Extreme" needs to be facing me. Therefore, the the hole that connects with the wire is on the top right.

I do not know to work with the clips. It wouldn't budge.
Can someone provide me with more instructions? The Apple support page is not doing it for the newbie.


In the Apple installation instruction pdf, #3 says "Remove the Metal clip and pull the Airport Card from the iMac Airport Adapter card. The adapter and clip are not used with the iBook."

Don't know why that instruction is in the ibook installation guide. Doesn't concern me, right?

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