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Apr 27, 2007
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I'm having a bit of a problem, I switched to mac 1 month ago and I absolutely love it. However, I had developed this habit of listening to radio on my computer while working, I used to do that all the time on my asus PC. There are three radios I always listen to and while I can listen to one of them perfectly because it uses media player to stream, I can't listen to the other ones. It says "no suitable plug-in found" Ive installed flip4mac and divx and it still won't work. Is it impossible for me to listen to these radios on a mac?

Here are the links to both radios:



Also, I get this annoying thing happen with every radio widget I install on dashboard: the radio stations will play fine for the first 3 minutes, and then it just goes back to where it was when I turned the radio on, for example, say I turn on the radio and beatles is on, then pink floyd is next, but somehow in the middle of pink floyd it will go back to the beatles song, why does this happen? I've tried the RadioTuner and the Radiotastic widget, it happens in both


Mar 11, 2004
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This thread discusses a similar problem. Maybe the problems are related because your link has the same effect on my Firefox installation as those in the older thread do. Firefox freezes, and the force-quit box says Firefox stopped responding.

As the station does with you, it played for a minute or so, then went mute, freezing the browser.
. . . the radio stations will play fine for the first 3 minutes, and then it just goes back to where it was when I turned the radio on. . . .
Before Firefox froze, I went into it's page info, then clicked on the Media tab and found the embedded station file. It's .asx, so in a perfect world, Flip4Mac should play it. But the file wouldn't save to my computer and in this case, the URL is truncated. This is the file: /asx/estrangeiro/rcp96.asx

I save as many stations this way as allow users to do so, so I need only click on the file, rather than having to go to the web page. But more and more stations won't allow this.

However, if a file will save, opening it with TextEdit may reveal two or more URL addresses within. The first is to a recording that hands off to the second, live-broadcast URL. In your case, when the recording starts again, maybe the first URL doesn't quit properly, or perhaps some other programming problem hands the live-broadcast URL back to the first.

But with these types of files — if they can be saved — deleting with TextEdit the first URL to the recording eliminates it.

The easiest files to see how this works are RealPlayer's on the BBC site that allows free-standing files. Some of them behave this way — maybe BBC 2's. If you download one that plays a recording first, and open it with TextEdit, you could better understand the mechanics of the things (some .asx files behave the same way).

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