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Mar 25, 2007
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Hey everyone - I tried doing an archive and install on my Macbook (10.4.8), and it failed part way through. It told me to restart, which I did. Upon reboot it begin the process that you see when you first get your Mac, so I shut it down and put in the install disc again. Now when the install screen shows up, my hard drive still seems to be exactly the same, but it does not give me the option of preserving prior settings. I can choose upgrade to new version of os x, archive and install, or install and erase. So, I just stopped at this point because it seems like I can still save my data and possibly my settings. What should I do? Hit the archive and install option, even though it won't allow me to check the preserve user and network settings? Maybe it had completed the process? or Maybe my user settings are gone?

Fortunately I backed up everything before attempting this.



Welcome to Mac-Forums, ryoelke!

Well since you did a backup (excellent! A clone of your internal hard drive, yes?), I would erase and install, then install all the updates.

From the clone/external hard drive, you can drag back your email and the settings. They should be here in the cloned copy:

Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your User Account -> Library -> Mail.

That Mail folder contains all your settings and emails. You will need to replace the freshly installed Mail folder in the exact same spot with that one from the cloned copy.

I looked but can't see where you can grab your internet settings from, though. I would assume it has something to do with files related to Network. Maybe someone else knows where they are?

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