Apple Tv & Win 7 Itunes Sharing Troubleshooting Help

Oct 17, 2011
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I have been attempting to troubleshoot a recurring issues with my 2nd Gen Apple TV and I am hoping someone here can help. I have read numerous Apple Support articles and a few posts here and still no luck.

I have had regular issues with AppleTV not staying in contact with iTunes on my PC. I have no issues playing content from the Internet - NetFlix, the new move trailer feature, etc. They work great. I hadn't used my Apple TV in 3 weeks and it was working, I turned it on today did the SW update and now I am back to it not seeing the iTunes home share.

I have iTunes installed on a 64Bit Win 7 desktop. Apple TV is on a Wireless-n network. I have turned on home sharing in iTunes and have confirmed that both my iphone and iPad2 running IOS5 can connect to my library and play music on my PC.

AppleTV is showing strong signal strength. I have turned off all Windows firewall software to see if that makes any difference and it has not. I have done some wireshark traces to see if I could see some protocol being blocked or routing issue and don't see anything.

Anyone have a similar problem as this, anything else I can try. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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