Apple TV Disconnect 5-10 Minutes

Oct 26, 2014
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First time poster, and I'm not sure where else to look for an answer to this.

I've trawled the Apple support forums and found absolutely nothing that has helped.

Here's my situation;

I have just bought a Macbook Pro 13 Inch w/ Retina Display, and Apple TV. I wanted to be able to stream wirelessly, whatever I was watching, listening or doing on my MacBook to the TV.

It works, for about 5-10 minutes then it will freeze on the TV, and reverts me back to the Macbook desktop with no error messages with the TV showing the Apple TV menu.

I have tried;

1) Disabling Bluetooth on both the Apple TV and MacBook
2) Changing Wifi Channels on both 2Ghz and 5Ghz settings after researching using iStumbler
3) Upgrading both pieces of hardware to the latest updates (Apple TV - 7.0.1 and MacBook 10.9.5)
4) I have tried a wired ethernet connection too
5) Changing the output to various dimensions and quality (e.g. 720p to 1080p and back)
6) Hard reset of both, and reinstalling back to current state after testing in the first instance.
7) Removing home sharing
8) Disabling Conference Mode
9) Extended and mirrored screens
10) Unplugging and resetting the router
11) Disabling all sleep timers on battery, plugged in modes, and any screen saver timers on the Apple TV.

I am at a loss of what to do. I have until 7th November to take it back, and I might just do it. Aside from being able to perfectly stream Netflix, there really is not much benefit in having this little black box if all it will do is disconnect. I may as well use an HDMI cable all the time.

All and any advice appreciated.

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