Apple Mail - Sent Emails Not Always Saved

Aug 22, 2008
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I am using Apple Mail to send and receive email via gmail and aol email servers.

At rare and random times, when I send an e-mail through Apple Mail, the status bar only goes halfway and hangs there for a few to several minutes. This happens with and without attachments. Eventually the status bar disappears. Everything seems fine and there are no email server error messages.

However, when Apple Mail behaves like I mentioned above, those specific emails never gets saved in the sent folder in Apple Mail. I am unable to reproduce the problem and it does not seem to be related to any specific email address I am sending to.

With those recipients I am able to get a response from, did get the email. But I have no idea about those who I do not get a response.

It is a little unnerving when this happens. I can't keep double checking and second guessing like this.

Does anyone know why some emails do not get saved in the Apple Mail sent folder?

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