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Oct 18, 2011
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I am new the App Web Server enviroment as i have been using for all of my backend needs up until now... however i find is just a little bit too slow to load data to an app.

I have a few questions which i hope someone can help me with please:

01 - can anyone recommend a good hosting company for an App Web Server? Is their a key player in the market, or is there a huge amount of companies, all providing the same service?

02 - what is the best way (or is it possible) to set up an App Web Server on a small scale (low bandwidth and storage), with an option to upgrade it to a higher scale (high bandwidth and storage) WITHOUT having to change hosting provider and server... so that users don't actually have to upgrade the app because it's using a new higher scale server.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Jul 17, 2009
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There are too many web hosting services to name and everyone has had good and bad experiences with the many out there..

For scalability you want to look at the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) offered by many hosting providers. These will be more expensive than shared hosting, but can be configured to a particular number of CPUs, memory and disk space and can be scaled up as you need increases..

A lot of them will also scale up temporarily based on load without any charges and return to your configured (and paid for) setting. If you consistently use more resources than you've allocated, you'll be asked to upgrade..

You can find hosting providers that provide VPS solutions for as little as $20/month for a decent starter config. You can spend upwards of $500/month on a ridiculous config..

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