Another Mini Dispayport to HMDI Post

Feb 25, 2010
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Hi guys, just signed up hope its ok to post this query, i've searched but older threads didn't give me any answers.

I'm trying to get my macbook pro (2009 unibody, OSX 10.6.2) to display on a Hisense 32" HD TV.

I've bought a dr. bott mini displayport to HDMI, and a HDMI to HDMI cable.

When i plug the macbook into the TV nothing happens on the TV (its on the HDMI channel), but the macbooks screen starts continously changing resolutions (i think). it keeps switching between a blue screen, a black screen, and the proper desktop display at different sizes. The desktop display only comes up for a second or two so i don't have time to change any settings to try and stop this erratic behaviour. as soon as i unplug the cable it all stops. All the while the TV shows nothing.

i've tried all combinations of tv turned on first, macbook turned on first, plugging in cables when tv and macbook are already turned on.

any ideas?

thanks, ógy

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