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I just switched from PC to powerbook and am looking for two programs I loved on my PC for Mac.

Alexa installs into your web browser and shows traffic rankings and "similar sites" people who visited a site you are on have visited (amazon style suggestions for websites).

The 2nd is (Roboform which is software that lets you keep track of all your passwords, credit card information and shipping info for all your sites (which is basic); HOWEVER the cool part Roboformis that it automatically pops up on any site you've been to before when it sees the form; and you can click one button to automatically enter your login info and submit the form.

Also pops up automatically on any shopping carts; so you can click one button and enter info for shipping, billing, etc. It's really intuitive and effective.

Please let me know if there are any programs which perform the above functions. (not just storing info in your browser, but proactively managing information)


Well, for Alexa, this: might be what you want. This is the description:
About Advanced Web Ranking
Checking your web site position is a very time consuming task. For example, if you have 10 keywords that you want to monitor, and you want to check the top 20 positions for 10 search engines, you need to perform about 200 (10 keywords * 10 engines * first 2 pages) individual searches to get the results. Then you need to compare the results one by one to find where your site is positioned. It may take you days to complete this task if you do this manually. That’s where Advanced Web Ranking comes to help.

Advanced Web Ranking is able to query over 200 search engines and quickly find out if you’re moving up or down in the rankings, or if your site is listed at all. It will track the progress of your rankings over time and display that information in an easy to read and understand graphical and tabular reports. It can help you check not just the position of your website but the position of your competitors’ web sites as well. Many more features.

What’s New in this Version
- Added the ability to zip reports before sending them by email.
- Added index to the HTML reports (Current Rank and Top Sites) for easier browsing.
- The Rank Evolution charts in the HTML reports are now sent correctly by email, as inline MIME encoded parts.
- Made the links to the search engine results page from the HTML reports more visible.
- Many more enhancements.

As for a Roboform replacement, there are tons. I don't know if any of these do what Roboform does when you are about to submit a password, though:

Hope this helps!
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Also, Keychain will do the equivelant of RoboForm

Kerychain is built into all Macs running Os X, in /Applications/Utlities/keychain Access



Thanks for the posts. I've checked out these programs; and yes they do store passwords; however none have the Artificial Intelligence feature which makes Roboform so great.

Roboform "AUTOMATICALLY" detects if you are on a site which has a form and it offers a one click link "Fill Form and Submit" to enter your log in for you.

So essentially, you visit a site; click one button after a pop-up is thrown at you---and you are in.

Other form managers require you to click on the program, find the site/login and then fill it in.

It's this one feature which seperates Roboform from everything else (including the free mac programs suggested)

I would think Apple developers would be more creative/intuitive then typical PC developers with such programs; because relates to ease of use---which Apple developers seem keen to incorporate.



Guest have to keep in mind that keychain is built into os x, so you don't have to pay extra for well as other great programs that come in osX.

...but i get your can be developed a little bit better.

overall......i love macs and OS X in general.......................

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