Akai DPS24 and a Mac



I am interested in purchasing the Akai DPS 24. Its a 24 track Hard Disk recorder that looks nice. I have read boasts of the ability to USB to a Mac or PC. Yet, I find no drivers or software for it on Akai's site and read in other places that it does not work. (harmony central)

The Harmony Central review looks like it could have been an older model.

My question is: Does anyone know the truth? I think having waveform editing abilities would be an extra perk for the machine and its much cheaper that the Digi 002 and an external HD. (latency)

Please help. I know its may not be very likely to find someone with exp. with this. But..hopefully someone can help me.



Got my answer from Akai themselves
Here it is.

Hopefully this will help someone in the future

The DPS24 has onboard waveform editing with sample accurate waveform display (the onboard LCD can display one or two tracks of scrolling waveforms).

In order to display all 24 tracks with scrolling waveforms, the DPS24 should be connected to a computer via USB, and run the free-of-charge AkSys TrackView software.
This software is written for Windows OS (PC), but it has been tested to run OK on a Mac with Virtual PC.
akSys TrackView does not transfer the audio between to the computer; it is only for display, and keyboard/mouse based remote control/editing.
More info at : http://www.akaipro.com/int/dps24/dps24_aksys.html

There is also a free utility software called akSysServer that allows audio file transfers (Broadcast WAV or AIFF) via USB between the DPS24 and a computer, for audio editing/processing inside the computer.
This software is available both for Windows and Mac OS X. (for instance, on a Mac, DPS24 audio tracks can be edited with Bias Peak)

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