airport with aol



i recently bought a g4 ibook with an airport card. i'm on a wireless network at home with a netgear router. I can connect fine to everything but AOL. I have contacted aol, my broadband service provider, and apple care to try to resolve the problem of aol not connecting. When I try logging on, it gives me a pop up that says failure to connect to aol with a full signal" or something of the likes. does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

I should also add that when a pc notebook is connected to the router, that that computer is able to connect to aol.

Please help.


AOL wireless

I have the same problem and have been told by AOL that their OSX does not support Broadband over wireless, yet at the Apple site there is a support article that suggests it is possible. Unfortunately the article finishes by saying contact your ISP for details - catch 22!

anybody know any more?


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