Airport question



I have a 14" iBook G4 with Airport Extreme. At my flat I also have a D-Link DSL-604+ wireless ADSL modem. Airport connects effortlessly with the router - which is named 'default'. I wondered how it is possible to change the name of my wireless network to something other than 'default'.

I used to have a windows laptop and set the router up with that. When the laptop died, I bought the apple and didn't alter any settings - airport just set things up itself. I am worried that my network might not be secure and I also want to change it's name but I have no idea how to as I am new to macs.

It would seem that recently, sometimes when I boot the mac up, a box pops up saying that none of my trusted networks can be found and would I like to join the network 'default' - which I always select (checking the check box that says to remember the network) and everything is OK. I'm not sure if this is because someone close to me may have recently setup a wi-f network as if I click on the airport icon on the menu bar at the top of the screen, there is another network available other than default called '2WIRE246'. No idea what that means.

I would appreciate any help,


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